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Best of Spokane Moving Company
5-Star Local & Nationwide Movers

Best of Spokane Moving Company | #1 Local & Nationwide Moving

Best of Spokane Moving Company. Local & Nationwide Moving Experts. We Specialize in Full House Moves & Luxury Homes and Serve Greater Spokane and North Idaho. Get A Free Quote Now!

"Thank you!! They are very happy. Everything arrived in great condition!! Thank you" -- R. Campbell

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"Let me start off by saying I spent 13 years working in the moving & storage industry & I can't say enough good things... My crew (Tyler & Connor) were very competent, accommodating, efficient, courteous & professional..." - Kathi Houston / Google (Local Guide)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This was my first time hiring movers so I was a bit nervous... but man am I happy I booked... from start to finish the customer service was amazing. My crew was Erik and Chad and they couldn't have made things any easier for me! They were quick, efficient, cautious with my items, and some of the nicest guys I've met! to top it off, the price they charge is a steal for the service I got! Would definitely recommend them to anyone I know and would book with them again in a heartbeat!" - Tori Gilbert / Google
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We just finished a local move in Spokane that was quite a large job! We could not of more pleased! Kens follow up with details before the move, his accountability to returning phone calls and answering questions was outstanding. His team of movers attitudes, energy and attention to details assuring all furniture was not damaged was done with the highest level of excellence! We would highly recommend they're service. Thank you!!!" " - Bob and Shelly Kummer / Google
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Everyone was great, the move went quickly and smooth!! Very professional employees Was enjoyable to visit with them while they worked!! I would recommend [them] if you have any kind of move to do!! Thanks guys!!" - Deb Schultz / Google
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I highly recommend [them] for any job! Ken was wonderful to work with and kept in consistent communication before and after the move. The crew that showed up to our house was friendly, professional, and careful. The pricing is incredibly competitive and the quality of work is high... an exceptional company!" - Alexandria / Google
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wish my sister had called you. She recently moved from CA to NV and they quoted her around $3K but then somehow found a reason to DOUBLE the price. They already had her stuff and couldn't cancel. Glad to know there are decent moving companies like you." -- C. Gee

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Best of Spokane Moving Company

Owned and Operated by Award Winning Parent Company Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers / Stateside Movers LLC. Top Level Teams. 5-Star Spokane Moving and Nationwide Moving. Affordable Rates. We Specialize in Full House Moves and Luxury Homes.

PRESS RELEASE - Best of Spokane Moving Company / Spokane Moving Systems is owned and operated by award winning Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers (Coeur d'Alene, ID) with a company headquarters in Post Falls. We are the #1 rated moving company in the Inland Northwest when you look at the total number of five star reviews on Google for Best of Spokane Moving Company and Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers. Thank you to our much appreciated customers and realtors that continue to refer us clients.

We Are Growing

2020 has been an exciting year for us, with new locations that opened in Spokane; St. George in Southern Utah; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Las Vegas. We are now a moving company that serves the entire West Coast and Rocky Mountain States and provide top level moving for the large home / luxury home market. While we do tackle a lot of local moves, we now tackle a lot more nationwide moves than ever before for our company.

Highly Trained Staff and Detailed Logistics

With our trained staffing, professional trucks, and detailed logistics, we can take moves from across the country to or from Spokane. As a local and nationwide moving company we excel. For affordable rate moving to or from Spokane, call or text Best of Spokane Moving Company at (509) 960-6405.
Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

First Time Visiting? Check Out the Spokane Moving Guide & FAQS to Spokane and Liberty Lake, WA

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Precision Moving, Fast, Free Quotes

Best of Spokane Moving Company is our most recent expansion and specifically for large home / luxury home moving. As a nationwide moving company, we are here to make your large complex move a breeze. Our goal is to provide a flawless move as we use multiple professional techniques for moving that protect furnishings and other items from dings, scratches, and dents. Our teams operate with high efficiency as we have modeled the same techniques used by luxury home moving companies on the East Coast.

We also provide floor and doorway protection and can provide optional protection for carpetted stairs.

Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

Fast Delivery Times - Much Higher Rate of Flawless Moves

By going with our personalized and hands on service, you get a much faster delivery time than the national van lines typically can provide. Instead of a 2 - 3 week delivery window, we can promise you 7 days or less when going from the East Coast to Spokane (depending on weather and driving conditions). At the same time, we also have a much higher rate of successful moves without a single scratch compared to the national moving companies are known for.

Secure and Safe Transport

Our service offers a lot more security than the van lines can provide commonly. With a van line your items are stored in warehouses along the route and transferred onto other semi-trucks to make their way across the country. Every warehouse transfer increases the risk of damage, theft or loss. We do not operate that way at all. Only your items will ship on our truck(s). Our vehicles are also safer than semi-trucks for interstate operations. We operate 26' straight trucks (Non-CDL) and do not pull semi-trailers. Semi-trucks have a risk of jack-knife wrecks, especially in poor conditions or going through the mountains. Total loss events can result from the wreck of a semi-truck on the interstate. Everything you own may be gone.

Our straight trucks are much safer to operate, increasing your chance of a safe delivery and minimizing the chance of a wreck compared to a semi. Worth repeating as well, we get there a lot faster than a semi-truck move and all it's warehouse transfers along the way.

Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

We Don't Make Warehouse Transfers - Point A to Point B Delivery

We drive straight through from Point A to Point B with hotel stays along the way. Our disk lock system and the fact we choose nice hotels in the suburbs and small towns along the route helps ensure security for your items. By not stopping at warehouses along the way, and putting your items on to other trucks, we are a much faster, controlled service and typically our rates are lower at the same time. The national van lines run enormous and expensive operations thus they often have to charge a lot more for a long distance move. A tiny move is cheaper on a semi than with us, but with us for the added cost you get the peace of mind of transparent and capped prices (no inflated fees added after the move has begun, common in the moving industry) as well as those much faster delivery times.

5 Star Service Professional Spokane Moving

Why the Risk Is Higher With the National Moving Companies (Van Lines)

Considering Spokane long distance moving or Spokane Valley long distance moving, or Cheney long distance moving? Across the lower 48 states Best of Spokane Moving Company has the experience and knowledge to deliver your belongings safely and on time, as well as much faster than the national van lines can typically deliver.

Spokane Things to Do and Quality of Life

There are many reasons to consider a move to Spokane, and that is for Spokane's Things to Do and Quality of Life... Nearby access to tons of outdoor recreation... Light traffic compared to major cities like LA, Seattle, Chicago, and NYC... Affordable housing... A short drive to North Idaho and the abundance of national forests, lakes, and rivers. It is a boater's paradise in the late spring and summer months. Fishing is plentiful in all directions. The region also doesn't see a lot of rain (good news for folks coming from Western Washington and Western Oregon, both known for rain.)

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Thinking About a Move to Spokane from Out Of State? We Can Save You Money

Typically a 3 - 4 bedroom home or larger is going to save $2,000 or more with us vs. the cost of a national moving company. The national moving companies are huge organizations with high overhead and have to charge a lot more money than a smaller / streamlined company like ours. At the same time our five star reviews should give you an idea of the personalized service and attention to detail we provide on moves. If you are in an apartment and moving long distance, the van lines are a better choice because we will cost more money in this case. The reason is simple: They can put several small moves on a semi-truck going to different parts of the country whereas we are a personalized service and only ship (typically) one customer at a time. If you are in a high end condo or apartment and willing to spend more for that five star service, we are a great choice. Another perk: We deliver in 3 - 5 days typically. The van lines can take 3 weeks (or more) to deliver.

Local Moving Services Across Spokane County

Spokane to Sandpoint Moving, Spokane Valley Moving, Cheney Moving, Colville Moving, Tri-Cities Moving, Moses Lake Moving, Chewelah Moving, Otis Orchards Moving, Hauser Lake Moving, Sprague Moving, Liberty Lake Moving, Mead Moving, Medical Lake Moving, Nine Mile Falls, Deer Park Moving, Kettle Falls Moving, Fort Spokane Moving, Newport Moving, Medical Lake Moving, Newman Lake Moving, Lake Roosevelt Moving and Seven Bays Moving.

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Long Distance Moving to or from Seattle, Western Washington, and Spokane

Spokane is nestled on the farthest eastern edge of Washington State making trips to the Idaho Panhandle and western Montana easily reachable. We are a professional and courteous moving company always seeking to provide the highest level of customer service. It is one reason many from Seattle are moving to Spokane and why we offer Seattle to Spokane Moving Company, Seattle to Spokane moving services, and Spokane to Vancouver, WA moving.

Spokane Cross Country Moving Services

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Spokane to Eastern Washington Moving

Planning for a move to the Tri-Cities? Read more: Spokane to Richland Moving, Spokane to Kennewick Moving, Spokane to Wenatchee Moving, Spokane to Yakima Moving, Spokane to Walla Walla Moving

Spokane to Idaho Moving / Idaho to Spokane

Spokane to Boise Moving, Spokane to Pocatello Moving

Spokane to Arizona Moving / Arizona to Spokane

Save hundreds of dollars on Spokane to Phoenix Movers, Spokane to Phoenix Moving Services, Spokane to Tucson Moving, Spokane to Flagstaff Moving as well as moving services from Spokane to Prescott Valley Moving, Spokane to Sedona Moving, Spokane to Scottsdale Moving, Spokane to Oro Valley, AZ Moving, Spokane to Sun City, AZ Moving, Spokane to Surprise, AZ, Spokane to Lake Havasu Moving, Spokane to Mesa Moving, Spokane to Arizona Moving and or moving from Arizona to Spokane including moves like Tucson to Spokane Moving. We can handle multiple aspects of moving. Whether moving to or from Phoenix, Tuscon, Mesa, Flagstaff, Sedona or another city either in Arizona or the State of Washington, we can handle all your moving needs. Our affordable rates and excellent customer service help us stand out as a moving company you can rely on. We take on multiple interstate moves every year, with options for luxury home moving requiring white glove service and fully wrapped furniture as well as items requiring professional crating.

Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

Spokane to Las Vegas Moving / Las Vegas to Spokane

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Spokane to Texas Moving / Texas to Spokane

Consdering a move to the Lone Star state? Save possibly thousands of dollars vs the national van lines on Spokane to Dallas, TX Moving, Spokane to San Antonio Moving, Spokane to Plano, TX Moving, Spokane to Corpus Christi Moving, Spokane to Austin Moving.

Spokane to Oregon Moving / Oregon to Spokane Relocation

Bring down the cost of professional long distance moving to or from Spokane and Oregon by going with a smaller, more efficient company with less overhead vs the bloated national moving companies and their sometimes extremely expensive van lines. We combine affordable rates and excellent customer service to deliver a superior moving experience. Read more: Spokane to Portland Moving, Spokane to Eugene Moving.

Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

Spokane to California Moving / California to Spokane Relocation

When it comes to saving money on your move to or from California, we can help make that happen. Read More: Sacramento to Spokane Movers, Los Angeles to Spokane Moving Services, Roseville to Spokane Moving Services, long distance moving to or from Spokane and California. We combine affordable rates and excellent customer service to deliver a superior moving experience. Whether you're moving to or from California, and whether you're moving from Spokane or just across Spokane County, we can help make that happen. See also: Los Angeles to Spokane Moving Company.

Additional Long Distance Moving Destinations / Origin Cities

Across the West, Mid-West, and even offering moving services to or from the East Coast, you can count on us for affordable and reliable moving services. Read more: Spokane to Florida, Spokane to Seattle Moving, Spokane to Portland Moving, Spokane to Overland Park, Kansas, Spokane to Jacksonville, Florida, New Jersey to Spokane Moving Billings to Spokane Moving, Missoula to Spokane Moving, Boise to Spokane Moving, Spokane to Chicago Moving, Phoenix to Spokane Moving, Tucson to Spokane Moving, Spokane to Colorado Moving, Spokane to Colorado Springs, CO, and Spokane to New Mexico Moving, Spokane to Oklahoma Moving.

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Guide to Spokane, WA

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Moving to Spokane? Here's A Few Things to Know

Professional Movers at the Spokane Moving Company

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Best of Spokane Moving Company

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