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Spokane's Best Movers to Or from Eugene, OR

Why pay an inflated price to an expensive national moving company on your Spokane to Eugene (or from Eugene) long distance move? Did you know that you can save $1000 or more by hiring a professional smaller company like Spokane Moving: Spokane's Best Movers for your long distance move? Not only will you receive a more personalized and much better level of customer service by our staff, but we are a true moving company and not a van line. Most people don't realize that these van lines (most major moving companies) are on par with shipping companies. That means that the customers they "move" are really being loaded on to semis with other customers and that's where transportation problems can turn an average move into a nightmare for many customers over the years.

With a Personalized Service, We Avoid the Mistakes of National Moving Companies

What happens if there's a mistake made in an out of state shipping yard by a national moving company? What happens if the semi has a mechanical problem along the way and the entire load now has to be transported on to another truck? Who is going to be handling your expensive and important belongings? Craigslist laborers from a local town? The national movers don't fly in professional movers for these events. Often it's up to the truck driver and or dispatcher to find asap help, and there's no guarantee who these helpers are and if they're drug free and honest.

It's no wonder a lot of people have had furniture, glass, antiques, and more broken, damaged or even stolen over the years when being moved by any of the national carriers.

Extra Steps to Protect Your Spokane to Eugene Move

At Spokane Moving: Spokane's Best Movers we will take the extra steps to ensure your items are protected during your move and will not co-mingle your move with someone else's in an effort to make more money with a delivery. In addition, we are not going to subcontract your move to a truck driver who poses as a mover only to hire Craigslist laborers to unload your move on the other end (another common event that plagues the national moving companies). That's right, buried in the small print of the contracts offered by these national moving companies is the fact that a broker may sell your move to an independent operator and the rest is history. That high price you're paying for a national move is now being auctioned off to sometimes the lowest bidder. Though you were promised quality now that is a gamble as to whether or not you're actually going to get any quality at all and now you become another insurance claim when your delivery has been damaged along the way or even held up for several weeks in an out of state shipping yard.

We Are Committed to Dent-Free, Scratch-Free, Scuff-Free Moving

If you want better care for your belongings, if you want a company that takes a "TLC" approach to moving, give us a call today at (509) 960-6405 or click here to request a free quote online.

Call or Text (509) 960-6405 For a Free Quote Today.

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